$12.00 – Buy it now! Michael Scherer’s 5th studio album is piano driven and fuses together the best elements of smooth jazz, funk and rock, and puts a fresh spin on old time favorite Christmas songs by spotlighting world-class musicians on piano, guitar, sax, and vibraphone.
$9.99 – Download it now! Violinist Arthur Hinton’s debut release CD, “Prayer Partner,” is filled with original inspirational songs that are great for prayer or meditation. Michael Scherer plays piano with Hinton on this beautiful worship CD.
$12.97 – Buy it now! Inspired is Michael Scherer’s 4th studio album. This new solo piano project consists of 12 original songs. The music is very mellow, relaxing and perfect for someone wanting to unwind from the stress of the day or who just wants to enjoy some great inspirational music. This is great for prayer or meditation.
$6.99 – Buy it now! Dream Chaser EP includes 5 tracks that have their own personality and creative story. Each track gives a look into the life of Joy Clark and tells her dreams. This EP is just a taste of rapper/singer/songwriter- JOY JOY For Positive Music Lovers.
Michael Scherer - Exceeding Expectations$12.97 – Buy it now! Pianist Michael Scherer is turning the tables on the traditional stereotypes of what a smooth jazz CD should sound like, and has created a fresh new sound blending dynamic funk-driven melodies with soothing jazz grooves. With all original music by Scherer, Exceeding Expectations will keep your head movin’ and body groovin’ as the funky up tempo jams and heart-felt ballads move you to the depths of your soul.
Michael Scherer - The Awakening$9.97 – Buy it now! The Awakening creates a sound that mixes hiphop with rock, movie-theme music, funk and jazz. The CD begins with heavy club-bangin’ beats and gradually progresses to a huge climax at the end that you don’t want to miss.